Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beer and Bouncy Castles

Yeesh. I start this thing back up and I immediately drop the ball twice. I'm like the Charlie Brown of bloggers. Really, the problem is that this is a busy time of the year over at ATVS because of the NCAA baseball tournament. I have to write a lot of previews of a lot of games, so I end up writing thousands of words without really saying anything other than "hey, this team is pretty good".

I mean, I like writing for the blog, but really game previews are a waste of everyone's time. It's just a way for the fans to congregate and beat their chest before the game about how awesome they are. But I actually have to put effort into writing these things, and usually throw enough jokes in there to keep myself interested. Not an excuse for the lack of activity here, just an explanation. I'm exhausted by all of the writing.

I'm also physically exhausted because we went down to Austin to visit the Official Sister of the Posette for her 30th birthday party. Molly celebrated this round number the way everyone should, by renting a combination bouncy castle and water slide.

Now, you might be wondering... how did the LP enjoy the bouncy castle and water slide combination? And that would be a good question, but we don't know the answer because we did not bring her. That's right. When faced with a giant entertainment designed for children, we left our child with grandma, grabbed a beer, and went bouncing ourselves. This is because we are horrible people.

Unfortunately, video exists of me trying to climb the ladder to the water slide. I'm not sure where, as I've scoured youtube for it so I can flag it right away so none of y'all ever see it. Let's just say the ladder rungs are not designed for big people feet, and I have especially large feet. Adding to the degree of difficulty was the fact we hadn't figured out the setup yet and we ended up spraying the ladder with water, giving it the friction of Bambi on ice.

But I made it up the ladder, after a few beers. And I slid the slide and splashed like a little kid. Now, three days later, my bionically repaired back is still absolutely killing me. Let's be honest, bouncy castles and surgically repaired spinal cords are not a good combination. Don't do this at home kids, I'm a paid professional.

As I settled into a lawn chair to argue about movies for the next five hours, some actual kids showed up. They avoided the ladder, too. They just ran up the slide. Their physical abilities and general enthusiasm reflects poorly on my general sloth.

I'm okay with that. Beer is delicious.

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