Monday, May 06, 2013

Testing... testing....

OK, it's been a long time since I posted anything here, but I'm going to step back into the cockpit and fire this old blog back up. Why? Well, because I like having an outlet in which I can rant incoherently about such important topics as cake, baseball, or my exceedingly cute baby. A lot of people have told me they enjoy my facebook status updates, which is a bizarrely specific compliment. I'm going to try to take my updates and make them longform. We'll see how long this project lasts. Maybe just this one post, I'm notoriously unreliable.

Anyway, instead of catching y'all up on the last four or five years since I last put up a post, I will instead just introduce you to the cast of characters here at Poseur HQ. That should get us back up to speed and update you on my life. think of this as the longest, most self-indulgent Facebook status update in human history.

Poseur: Me. Your carefree guide and master of this blog. It's not much, but I call it home. Still lawyering in Dallas and even getting paid for it, too. I also write for SB Nation's LSU site, And the Valley Shook! This means you won't get much LSU ranting here, as I already have an outlet for that. My primary role there is to antagonize Alabama fans, who really do have no sense of humor because sports are very serious, indeed.

The Posette: My wife. People like her better than they like me. I would get mad about that, but let's face it, I like her better, too. My old law school friends have all betrayed me and take her side in any dispute. Like I said, they like her better.

The L'il Poseur or the LP: My daughter. She's cute. I know everyone thinks their kid is cute, but I really mean it. She looks like she should be the Gerber baby kind of cute. She shares her daddy's love of cake and punk rock. No, seriously. She can jam out to Mudhoney. She likes drums. If you buy her drums, I will find you and kill you.

The Official Mom and Brother of Poseur: Still in Maryland. Still cool. If you want to know more about them, perhaps they should write their own blog. I'm the star here, not them.

The Official In-Laws of Poseur: New additions to the blog, who I will rarely make fun of because they both have a CHL, which means they are almost always armed. The Official Father-in-Law of Poseur also owns an assortment of rifles, any one of which he could use to shoot me at great distance.

Elvis: The Official Dog of Poseur is a mutt rescue dog. We think he's half basset hound half pit bull, but don't hold us to that. Also, do not think too hard about that coupling. He was named Elvis by his foster mom after Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus, as he was found on the side of the road during the ALCS a few years back. He has a gigantic head which I point out not to be mean, but because the size of his head really is remarkable, compared to his body. Though I have a dog named after a Texas Ranger, my daughter is named after the Baltimore Orioles' home stadium, so do not question my Orioles loyalty.

Opus: The Official Cat of the Posette. I do not like cats, and cats generally do not like me. Specifically, Opus hates my guts and is plotting to kill me. Luckily, his brain is the size of a pea. I may be able to outwit him.

With any luck, I may bring back some of my commenting public, but that's up to them. Or if they even find this place. We'll see if the Poseur Blog, Mark 2 takes off. Or if I get distracted by something shiny. I make no promises.

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OFCP said...

Pleased to see P.2 up and running. I gave up on my blog ages ago; lacking spouse and adorable offspring, I just sound like the crazy cat lady I actually am. So I'll be vicariously funny instead. ;)
--Official Favourite Cousin of Poseur