Thursday, May 16, 2013

Caring About Sports is Stupid... Especially If You're a Caps Fan

See, I start up the old blog again, and immediately fall off the wagon. That's how unreliable I am. I cannot be trusted.

Really, it's just been a busy week. The Posette and I are buying a house and while I won't bore you with the details, needless to say, there are a lot of friggin' details. Those details take time and generally get me aggravated. So I've been cranky.

I tried to relax with some playoff hockey, which is like trying to save money by going to Vegas. If everything goes perfect, it works out wonderfully, but the odds are staked against you. Instead of watching my Caps win and putting a smile on my face, I instead watched them drop to 3-9 all time in a Game 7 while I invented new curse words.

At least I didn't break anything, which I think is a sign of personal growth. I yelled a little bit, but mainly I just slumped in my chair and wondered why on earth I was so emotionally invested in guys I've never met playing a game. Sure, it's silly, but everything is silly when you break it down to its component parts. We care about things because we choose to care about them. That's enough.

But I've never known anyone to break a chair over Happy Endings getting cancelled. And no one ever acts like you are a failure as person if a movie you like bombed at the box office. It's only sports in which a bad outcome literally changes my mood. Sad things happen in a movie, I cry, and then I move on. Bad things happen to the Caps, I contemplate the sheer pointlessness of existence, and lapse into an existential crisis.

I'd probably still be cranky had the Caps won. It's not like the house buying stress would've suddenly gone away and the furniture would've moved itself without me paying some borderline criminal fee which makes me feel like I'm buying my possessions back. Not a thing in my life would have actually and honestly changed.

But I still would have felt a bit better than I do right now. Stupid Caps.

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