Monday, June 03, 2013

Shoes and Socks

The Little Poser and I agree on many things. We are of one mind on the following topics, just a small sampling of our overall agreement:

-- That a rock band is only as good as its drummer
-- Related, Animal is the coolest Muppet. I'm more of a Statler and Waldorf guy, but I admit they are not very cool
-- Ice cream is delicious
-- The Posette is the coolest
-- Puppies exist to be petted often
-- If at first you don;t succeed, just hit the thing harder... it'll start working

But above all, we share a hatred of shoes and socks. Look, I get it. You need to have shoes when you are walking on a city street because, well, ew. There's lots of gross stuff out there, and I don't want it on my feet. But you know what? I own soap. Its not a deal killer here.