Monday, June 03, 2013

Shoes and Socks

The Little Poser and I agree on many things. We are of one mind on the following topics, just a small sampling of our overall agreement:

-- That a rock band is only as good as its drummer
-- Related, Animal is the coolest Muppet. I'm more of a Statler and Waldorf guy, but I admit they are not very cool
-- Ice cream is delicious
-- The Posette is the coolest
-- Puppies exist to be petted often
-- If at first you don;t succeed, just hit the thing harder... it'll start working

But above all, we share a hatred of shoes and socks. Look, I get it. You need to have shoes when you are walking on a city street because, well, ew. There's lots of gross stuff out there, and I don't want it on my feet. But you know what? I own soap. Its not a deal killer here.

And shoes lead to socks. What do socks do? Well, other than keep your feet from smelling like sweaty shoes? Nothing, other than make your feet hot. Socks suck. Shoes suck, but are at least functional. But if I wasn't walking in some questionable environments, I wouldn't need shoes either.

The LP doesn't walk anywhere. We try a few practice steps around the house, but other than that, she is strictly a carry me or push my chariot around kind of girl. What does she need shoes for? I'll tell you: Nothing. But that doesn't stop the Posette from trying to put her into shoes and socks as often as she can.

How does the LP respond to this tyranny of footwear? By ripping it off her feet as quickly as possible. The LP doesn't have the manual dexterity to play with most of her toys properly, but she knows how to work the velcro straps on a pair of sandals to get those things off of her feet.

When I take her to daycare, I always dutifully put her socks on because I don't want the Posette to be mad at me. Hey, I'm a man of principle. By the time I get to day care, not only has she usually taken her socks off, she is usually flaunting her bare feet. Her last trip to day care, she had both socks off and she swirling them over her head.

Helicopter, baby!

Hey, I understand, socks suck. So do shoes. But soon, she'll be walking and she will have to conform to footwear like the rest of us. And that makes me sad. Keep twirling those socks as long as you can, girl.

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